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[Rules/Format] Advertisement

Advertisement Rules

Quote:This section is not a place to advertise your discord servers or any other G-MOD servers. This place is to advertise items. E.g Weapon crates, weapons. Loans ect.

Here are the rules;
  1. Do not advertise anything that isn't server related.
  2. Do not consecutively post the same advertisements.
  3. Do not spam reply people with your advertisements.
  4. Bid wars are allowed on this part of the forum.
  5. Always give ways of contacting you. (E.g. Discord - JohnDoe#6969).
Quote:Advertisement Format

What are you selling?: (Bidding or no)
Picture of what you are selling?: (use Imgbb or Imgur)
How much are you selling it for?: (If bidding, what's the starting price)
How long is the duration for?: (If bidding)
Ways of contacting you?:

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