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[Rules] Forum
Forum Rules

  1. Respect other users. Disrespectful behavior, threats, and insults are not allowed.
  2. Do not post or send unwanted messages, do not flood, do not repost the same information multiple times.
  3. Do not 'bump' or post into topics that have not been replied to for 30 days. Depending on the topic, (social or official), you may be warned and have your post removed.
  4. When applying/appealing/requesting include ALL required information.
  5. The "Administration" section is a restricted area: Posts can be replied to only by admins and users who can provide additional information/proof. If your issue is solved before it's replied to by an admin, or you want to cancel your request, lock your topic.
  6. Do not PM admins. If you need to pass any confidential information to admins (not moderators).
  7. Before posting, make sure you are posting on the correct board. Use this info to find out if you're posting in the correct section.
  8. Forum signatures and avatars cannot contain sounds or animations (unless they are activated by mouse click).
  9. Impersonating another user, especially a staff member is not allowed.
  10. Any malicious activity, including posting links to viruses and malicious scripts is not allowed.
  11. Do not abuse capital letters; do not write LIKE THIS or Like This.
  12. Advertising is not allowed without permission from an admin.
  13. Do not post information on how to evade server or forum ban.
  14. Administrators reserve the right to delete your topic/post or ban your account if you break the forum rules. Repeated offenders will be banned permanently from both the forum and server.
  15. Rules are subject to interpretation by server staff, but complaints may be posted in Problems and Complaints
  16. Do not hack or attempt to circumvent forum restrictions (signature restrictions, ban evasion)

Punishments can range up from a week ban to a month ban dependent on the severity. 

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