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[DENIED] staff application
What is your in-game name?: Thief
What is your steam name?: SD Thief
What is your steam ID (Not steam64):STEAM_0:1:155808212
What is your current level:9
Do you have any experience with staffing?: (If yes, please explain your duties) yes co owner - owner and manger and admin - t-staff every role to be honest i had fun but most of them after a yr or more servers started going down
What date did you start playing in the community? (approx)today
Current rank on the server (ULX Rank e.g VIP+ or admin)?: user
How many warns do you have on the server?:0
What rank are you applying for?:any manger if you have it because i'm used to helping the staff team / monitoring people
Are you staff in any other communities?:i don't think so
Denied due to inactivity

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