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[ACCEPTED] Mr Sims's Staff Application
[font=Arial Black]Staff Application.[/font]

Quote: Wrote:What is your in-game name?: Mr Sims
What is your steam name?: Mr Sims
What is your steam ID (Not steam64): STEAM_0:1:186583135
What is your current level: 16
Do you have any experience with staffing?: (If yes, please explain your duties). I used to be a moderator on a semi small server, I used to play like 32 hours, my duties was to sort members out, do admin sits. Then the server turned to shit and pretty much, the owner gave up and made a FiveM server, and the other management kinda lost his shit and started grabbing IP's from G-mod and attempted to DDOS me and my buddy. Then after that I took a fatty break from G-Mod
What date did you start playing in the community? (approx) Around a week maybe?
Current rank on the server (ULX Rank e.g VIP+ or admin)?: VIP
How many warns do you have on the server?: 0 
Have you donated?: Nope, but I'm planning on to, I just need a source of income.
What rank are you applying for?: If possible either, trial moderator or moderator
Are you staff in any other communities?: Nope.

(Failure to follow the template will result in instant denial and may incur an increased ban length)
Congratz on Trial Mod


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