A list of server rules
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To start with the basic rules

No killing people without reason (RDM)
Do not return to the site you were killed for at least 150 seconds (NLR)
The act of selling any form of in-game currency for real-life money is not allowed and is likely to get you Perma Banned!
Adverts are not required to raid/mug/kidnap etc.
Threatening to attack the server in any way even if its a joke will result in a Perma Ban
any sort of hacking/cheating isn't allowed.
Do not mic spam unless you are a hobo or radio host (See What Can Jobs Do) with a text screen standing still.
No camera abuse/minge (ex. Shoving cameras in people's bases)
No prop blocking cameras (ex. Putting a prop in front of a camera)
Using nerve gas/explosives on spawn entrances to create a spawn trap is NOT allowed.
Do not self-supply yourself with weapons. unboxing does not count.


OOC Or Out Of Character is not to be used for any RP actions.
Roleplay related information must be placed in /advert chat and will be considered metagaming if posted in OOC.
You can kill players that insult you however 3 written warnings are required to do so.


Jump/Crouch Bases are not allowed.
A max of 4 fading doors to any 1 base.
You are allowed to block a printer from being moved however it has to have a way to access it.
You may only own ONE singular base.
Your keypad must be fairly visible.
Do not put down useless keypads (Ones not bound to a fading door in base).
Keypads must have at least a 4-second hold length and a max of 2 seconds delay.
You cannot open your fading door with your keys/button while being raided, you have to use a keypad. (FDA)
Your base only needs one entrance.
You are allowed to have one-way props BUT as long as you do not shoot through them.
You can only build inside the PD if you're a CP/SWAT/MAYOR.
KOS lines are allowed if they have a fair reason for example “KOS If you walk past this line”.
You can not have a building sign and a KOS sign at one time.
15 turns max in any base.
No Drop bases.
No Blind Fire


After raiding a base you must leave within 10 minutes.
Do not mingeraid - Raiding a base you know has nothing inside.
You cannot change jobs during a raid.
You must wait 20 minutes before raiding the same base again.
Police may break NLR to defend the PD from raids.
If you see a raid going on leave the area until it is done. This prevents any crossfire killings. If you are killed in the crossfire it is NOT considered RDM.

What can jobs do

Govermnet Jobs
You cannot own any illegals.
You cannot put an AOS/KOS on someone, or any job, on the law board.
You cannot put false warrants.
Max gun license price is 200k.
You cannot randomly weapon check under any circumstances. at checkpoints, it is allowed if there is a text screen.
Can own any weapons.

Can create 1 outpost for SWAT teams e.g. sniper tower OR checkpoint

Can only base with Master Theif and parkour
Cannot kidnap

Gangsters/Mob Boss
Mugs must be yelled (/y) and given a chance to drop the money.
Max mug is 25k.
Cannot kidnap.

Can raid to complete a hit.
cannot kidnap or mug.

Genetic Researcher
Can Base with kidnappers gangsters thieves and dealers.
Can assist Government in the creation of checkpoints

Retro Miner/Miner/Lumberjack
Cannot Raid, mug, kidnap or steal.

Radio Host
Can make a small base on the streets to mic spam no ear rape.
Cannot own illegals.
Cannot raid, mug, kidnap, or steal.

Can base on the street
Cannot raid, mug, or kidnap.
Can mic spam if stationary with a text screen and not prop blocked in.
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